Thursday, 11 October 2012

How to develop simple and good framework for selenium automation.

Before starting any automation everybody wants a good framework with a good reporting mechanics.
There are lot of techies using you can develop a good framework.

Was develop framework using below tools/jars:
1) For input data:-Hash map,jxl and apache poi(third party jar),but my opinion use hash map,it is pretty easy and secure :)
Refer below link for hashmap:
2) For build purpose:-Maven
Create a maven project using the eclipse(using the eclipse you can create a package structure easily) and configure pom.xml.
Refer the below link for configure pom.xml

3) For Unit test:-Testng
4) Log4j for logging purpose

So now you know that what are the tools,was used for selenium framework development.
I will describe it in my next post.

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